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Always fresh

Always fresh

We often throw food in the garbage because it spoils, but it is a matter of organizing to make it last longer.

Your fridge
Ensure that your fridge is at the correct temperature . It is generally recommended between 3.5 and 5 ° C , so that the food is fresh but not frozen.

Organize the fruits and vegetables
Not all fruits and vegetables can be put together. Apples and other fruits produce ethylene gas that causes fruit and vegetables to mature faster and spoil sooner.

Note that fruits and vegetables have to be at room temperature. We tend to leave most of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, but the cold can spoil some vegetables, such as tomatoes, squash and oranges.

Use your own bags
In addition to saving and being environmentally friendly, papers and bags used in stores for fruit, and plasticized containers are not always the best means of preservation of fruits and vegetables, use, if possible, perforated paper bags.

Save the remnants
Save the remnants of fruits and vegetables always in closed containers not exposed to air because spoil quickly.
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