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Save energy

Save energy

Undoubtedly daily expenses in the kitchen require to worry about the optimization of energy and thus to control spending. we suggest the following tips and recommendations for power saving in the use of appliances like the refrigerator, microwave, stove and dishwasher machine.

How old is your refrigerator? A refrigerator 10 years old may spend twice as much energy compared with a new model, and a unit 20 years old can consume up to three times. The combination of age and size determine expenses and savings. Choosing a refrigerator, you should select the one that best fits your needs . Whatever your choice, you may want to keep it functioning efficiently.

Adjust the thermostat to the temperature appropriate to the surrounding environment . Remember that the temperature should not remain at the highest levels, and that a very low temperature also results very expensive. In intermediate levels freezing is optimal and uses less power.

Install the refrigerator in a ventilated and cool place , where it is not exposed to direct sunlight and stay away from appliances or appliances that generate heat, such as the stove or oven.

Avoid exceeding the total maximum load capacity of the refrigerator. If it gets overloaded, your cooling process will be inadequate for preserving food and spend a lot of energy.

For introducing hot food inside the refrigerator you must wait for them to cool before.

Don’t exceed unnecessarily the cooking time of foods. Always keep waste-free the inside of the device. Do not operate empty; this could cause damage to the interior. Before operate, verify that the door doesn’t present damage.
Remark that a microwave oven consumes less energy than a resistance furnace.

Try to defrost food before cooking them. Do not cook foods with water excess: more water equals more energy. Prepare all the food at the same time : Cook first a dish and then another one means higher energy consumption. Always keep the stove clean. Whenever possible, use a pressure cooker saves time and energy. Turn on the hob when containers are ready to heat up and shut down before withdrawing them .

Machine Dishwasher
Before operating a dishwasher, find out the details of its operation and select the appropriate program. A set of dish washing by hand with hot water consume 40 % more energy than using a dishwasher machine. Try to use máximum of machine's capacity. If you can not fill completely, select the program " Pre-wash " with cold water , as it facilitates the subsequent washing.

When the dishwasher machine starts the drying process of dishes, you should stop the program and leave open the appliance door. The dishes will dry alone (even faster in the summer) and saves a significant amount of energy.
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